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Leadinfo: Lead generation software for winners

The largest data set in the world, real-time overview of website visitors, and native integration with all the apps you love. Discover why we are the software of choice for performance-hungry brands.

Transform anonymous website visitors into leads

This is a tool for anyone that wants to be successful. How does it work? By linking a visitor’s IP address to our unique database, our software can provide you with an overview of each user from where they work to their navigation patterns. All this is achieved while being GDPR compliant.

However, the information at your fingertips doesn’t end there. Using behavioral analytics, you can also see each lead’s detailed browsing activity. Meaning you can spot users showing buying intent from a mile away.

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Enable your Sales Team to become winners

Empower your sales team regardless of their location. Using comments and tagging features, keep your colleagues up to date and follow up with hot leads.


Harness the power of the largest data set available

Our data set is unprecedented. We deliver the best and most detailed information. So you can start a conversation with less effort. However, don’t waste that hard work. The data you collect with our software is always and forever yours. You can export it at any time and keep using the information you gathered even if you stop using our product.